Exquisite floral arrangements for events

More than just floral arrangements—we create a floral experience that inspires and brings joy. Our designs are both Instagram and magazine-cover worthy. Whether it's your wedding, a baby shower, or a birthday party, we can deliver flowers that will breathe life into the room, unite the space, and tell a story. (The kind of story everyone will keep talking about!)


Understanding your vision

Some clients come to us with a very specific idea of the flowers they want. But most clients arrive a little unsure. They mention a few types of flowers they like or a color scheme they're going for.

This is where our expertise comes in—and we love helping you discover your vision! We can walk you through the many aspects of choosing flowers for your event, all while  balancing important details of budget, timeline, season, and flower availability.

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New Project

Leave the flowers to our experts. We’ll make sure you enjoy a beautiful floral display without needing to know how to make it or which flowers to use. That’s our specialty.

By getting to know you and your requirements, we will create floral designs that complement you and the event you are planning.

Flowers for Weddings and Events

We'd love to discuss flowers for your wedding or event! To get started, fill out the form below and then schedule a complimentary 20-minute video consultation. Please note that we have a floral minimum of $5,000 for weddings, and $1,000 for other events. This is to ensure we can provide the quality and style of floral designs that best reflect our business. We understand this may not fall within every customer's budget, and firmly believe there is a florist for everyone!